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The days of “letting your fingers do the walking” through the Yellow Pages, or thumbing through the Thompson Local to find a local business are over (at least for most people).

The Online Business Directory is Here.

Whether your business is totally online or you’re a traditional local shop, online business directories have a role to play in your marketing and can be a powerful tool for increasing your business reach.

The best way to capitalise on the benefits of business directories is to have a business listed on as many quality, relevant online directories as possible. 

Once you have chosen the most appropriate online directories, you should be registered with them ASAP.

It is important to carefully select a suitable category for your business.  Be sure to think about keywords that correctly describe the contents of the website — you’ll want to include these in your description.

Online Directories have a role to play in your marketing and can be a powerful tool for increasing your Customer reach.

features You need

Business Page

Having your business listings in my online business directory can strengthen your brand profile. Your listing in our directory will include:

Business Name, Address & Phone(s) * Social media links * Website links * Email links * Photos/videos * Customer feedback / Reviews * Post business news * Promotions and offers * Sell your services * Sell your products 

All your customers will ever need to know before they buy.

Multi Device compatible

Easy to use interface

Get up running fast with the quickest and easiest user experience available anywhere. You and your customers will love the 2-way conversation features.

Brand Awareness

Clear Visibility

As a member of our directory your business is promoted in tweets, on Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram! You could even sponsor our YouTube broadcasts For Free!

My directory appreciates your busy and works promoting your business even if you don't log in very often.I think other directories are unfair when they demand you perform regular updates and posts or the will remove your listing. 

With my directory you can be as hands on/off as you like it won't affect performance.

potential customers is Mobile Ready

Mobile Ready

Never miss an opportunity, our business pages are completely ready on any device so, your customers can comment and contact you whilst their on the move.

More Than Just a Directory – Check These Extra’s Out. 

Brand Awareness

Search Engine Optimisation

Online business directories are an excellent way of magnify your business’ visibility on search engines. In plain English, Internet users will be able to find that business more easily when they search for it.

Inbound links (also known as backlinks) are links that pull the lead to towards your main website from my business directory.Having more links in more places on the Internet is a great way of boosting your popularity with search engines, improving your overall SEO. We post to social media on your behalf creating even more links to your business, products, services and content.

300 FREE Marketing Guides

Learn, marketing, sales, copywriting, master social media and ultimately create sales with our range of 300 courses & guides covering more than 20 topics.

FREE Product Showcase

If your business sells products, you can add them to our showcase, link back to your website to encourage sales and enquiries.

How we promote your business

We create regular posts on social media that will feature your business as long as your a member of our directory.  Promotion of your business is not limited to YouTube, we promote your business across many social media channels with inbound links back to your business. 

Choose one of the sample business of the week videos.

Join the growing UK micro and home based business directory that works with your business to achieve more growth. Sign up today for free and start attracting potential customers.

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