eBook Guide Topics:

  1.  Introduction
  2. What on Earth Is An Algorithm?
  3. Google Algorithm Is Key
  4. Page Rank Based on Popularity
  5. Back Links Are Considered Popularity Votes
  6. Hypertext-Matching Analysis
  7. Do You Know the Google Dance?
  8. The Algorithm Shuffle
  9. Google Dance Tool
  10. Submitting Your URL To Google
  11. Cloaking
  12. Google Guidelines
  13. Do’s & Don’ts
  14. Crawler/Spider Considerations
  15. Ranking
  16. Rules of Thumb Values
  17. Query-Dependent Factors
  18. Blanket Policy on Doorway Pages And Cloaking
  19. Meta Tags (Ask.Com) For Example
  20. Keywords in The URLs And File Names.
  21. Keywords in The Alt Tags
  22. Page Length
  23. Frame Support
  24. What Your Website Absolutely Needs
  25. Understanding Your Target Customer
  26. Does Your Website Give Enough Contact Information?
  27. The Home Page
  28. The Acid Test
  29. Step by Step Page Optimization
  30. One Site – One Theme
  31. Affiliate Sites & Dynamic URL’s
  32. Page Size Can Be A Factor
  33. How Many Pages To Submit?
  34. Should You Use Frames?
  35. Making Frames Visible To Search Engines
  36. Stop Words
  37. Image Alt Tag Descriptions
  38. Invisible & Tiny Text
  39. Keyword Stuffing & Spamming
  40. Dynamic URLs
  41. Re-Direct Pages
  42. Image Maps Without Alt Text
  43. Frames
  44. Tables
  45. Link Spamming
  46. Conclusion
  47. What Should You Do Now?
Advanced SEO Techniques
Advanced SEO techniques Review Chart

Duration 56 Minutes

Advanced SEO Techniques: This is an eBook guide, its very thorough and as you can see has a lot of content. The content is well laid out and relevant, so it doesn’t jump from topic to topic. One thing to bear in mind is that search engine algorithms are all different all be it slightly, the algorithms do change regularly with unpredicted results.

I would have liked to have seen more mentioned about social media, it’s common for search engines to consider social media as part of the SEO and rankings, although this topic is not discussed in this guide. So, remember to post/share content from your website to your social media so that it’s taken into consideration with your ranking.

Some SEO reviews to not take social media into account for your ranking score, you should take it very seriously.

Advanced SEO Techniques: This SEO guide starts with some foundation in to the background and technologies behind search engines and the obligatory optimisation. The guide goes on to  explain why the content contained on any webpage is interpreted, read and digested as close to a human visitor as possible.  So, your on page content is really important, if your users can read it and find value, so will search engines.

Advanced SEO Techniques: Also shows you some tools to help you achieve a better search engine rank. Vitally though this course does touch on some Do’s and Don’ts.

The rest of the content contained in Advanced SEO Techniques is real dynamite, easy to digest and understand, quality and actionable hints that will help you on the road to the top of the search engine results. Its widely known that organic traffic, you know the traffic you don’t pay for can be priceless in vaulting your business into the minds of your potential customers and this won’t happen without a focussed SEO regime.

SEO Audit

My favourite chapter within the pages of Advanced SEO Techniques: is chapter 18 “What your website absolutely needs” the chapter contains some diamond information that can really support your SEO efforts. I recommend you pay particular attention to the step-by-step optimisation.

If you’re looking for some simple things that you can do to increase the position of your sites rank in the search engines or directories, this chapter will give you some hard hitting and simple tips that you can put into action right away.

Advanced SEO Techniques:  is a great guide packed with useful information and is one of the best short guides I have read. I still think that you should pay attention to Local Business Listings on Google and your Social media sharing of content from your website.

I know this course will be of use to beginners and intermediate webmasters that want to improve their SEO.