Video Chapters:

  1. (3) Things You Should Never Do When Using Instagram Marketing.
  2. (3) Ways to Produce More Instagram Content.
  3. (5) Tips for Better Hashtags.
  4. (5) Tips to Grow Your Instagram Audience Faster.
  5. How to Create a Consistent Instagram Account to Grow Your Audience Massively.
  6. How to Create a Strong Brand for Your Instagram Account.
  7. How to Sell the Dream.
  8. How to Set Up Your Instagram Business Account in 5 Easy Steps.
  9. How to Use Influencer Marketing on Instagram to Accelerate Your Growth.
  10. How to Win at Instagram Without Taking a Single Photo
Instagram marketing secrets bundle

Duration 24 Minutes

Instnat marketing mastery review chart

Instagram Marketing Secrets: This video guide is short too the point with quick fire actionable tips about getting more out of Instagram with zero fluff. It’s well red and easy to understand. I am quite new to Instagram at the time of writing this so most of this is new to me, but I was able to learn some quick hitting basics to get me started in the right way to get the most out of Instagram.

Instagram Marketing Secrets: From the start the content contained in this guide is so useful. Even the first chapter helped me avoid some common mistakes and helps me keep my Instagram account running smooth.


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I particularly enjoyed the chapter about hashtags, I didn’t know Instagram allows the use of as many as 30 Hashtags which is amazing for a business, this tip must help you grow your Instagram following. It’s also interesting to use the popular and less popular tags to maximise attention in your post’s. Geotags is a phrase I had personally never heard of before, but I can see the usefulness for the local service-based business.   

This is a good guide considering it only lasts 25 minutes. Perfect for any beginners and may remind the experienced Instagrammer of a few techniques forgotten over the years.  I know that the 25 minutes of information held here will help many start-ups and small businesses get the most from Instagram.

I must admit I was not convinced from Instagram at first, but It does seem to be a medium I have underestimated. I was pleased that I could get started with Instagram on my work computer and didn’t need to use my phone. When I use Instagram its more purposeful and every post is pre created for posting later. I don’t take spontaneous photos to add to Instagram.

So inclosing, I thought Instagram Marketing Secrets: is seriously worth a look. However, for more detailed step by step Instagram set-up and usage you will need a second Instagram course to support this guide.