Video Chapters:

  1. Main Focus.
  2. 5 Factors.
  3. SEO URL.
  4. SEO Body.
  5. SEO Image.
  6. SEO Title.
  7. SEO Meta.
  8. SEO WordPress Plugins.
On Page SEO Blueprint potential Customers Course CD

Duration 56 Minutes

On Page SEO Blueprint potential Customers Course review score

On Page SEO Blueprint: This is a general quick guide that is focus’s on the page content SEO, otherwise referred to as on the page SEO. This is not a comprehensive step by step SEO guide, although is cleverly focusses on the content of the webpage. Content, afterall is referred to as king for SEO and the user experience. Sorry there is no hand holding during the guide but it does explore the skills required for good on the page SEO.

On Page SEO Blueprint: is excellent for anyone who lacks the knowledge required for successful on the page SEO. Some SEO practitioners focus on the other aspects and brush over the content for the more technical areas of SEO. I would recommend this course is used in conjuntion with other courses for the beginner in order give you a fuller picture of SEO.

SEO Audit

I get the feeling the On Page SEO Blueprint: course could have gone in to further detail of SEO, but it would not do the “on the page SEO” justice and the 1 hour I spent listening just seems to fly by. On Page SEO Blueprint: Course does go beyond the surface and into more detail. For example, the whole of chapter 5 “Five must have factors” is packed with actionable knowledge.

I like the five important factors chapter and I think more readers will get the most from this section and the listener needs to be paying attention here!

This guide contains really good content and if your new to SEO, you will get some good foundational skills that will help get you started.  You will need further courses to get a  deeper understanding of SEO as a whole.

On Page SEO Blueprint: is excellent at explain the SEO content minefield and it’s a necessary part of SEO which is often overlooked for other areas. If you wish to understand SEO completely then you will need to look at other courses as well. For on the page SEO this course is good.

Overall this is a good guide and starting place for any SEO practitioner.