Video Chapters:

  1. 1. Introduction
  2. 2. Focus on Practical Goals
  3. 3. The Problem with States of Flow.
  4. 4. Stoking Motivation, the Right Way.
  5. 5. The Five Pillars of Sustainable Motivation.
  6. 6. Focus on Your Purpose.
  7. 7. Focus on What You Stand to Lose.
  8. 8. Get motivated by daily micro-victories.
  9. 9. Turn to Others When You Begin to Slow Down.
  10. 10. Mentally Standardize Your State of Flow and Call It into Mind
The Psychology of motivation

Duration 56 Minutes

Psychology of motivation review chart

The Psychology of motivation: Well read and clear, I like that each slide of the video has accompanying text for anyone with hearing impairment. Its not often we see that on video courses, a welcome change.  The reader is clear and easy to understand.

It does come with a connected transcript so the course can be read as well as listened too.

This is not a meditation course its more of a practical guide to the factors that make up motivation and some applications for the small business.

I particularly like the “state of flow” explanation and its very true, with a state of flow it is not a conscious effort for many of us its more stumbled upon. And the key is motivation.

I think this programme would work well with other courses. I think it’s important to understand your flow and getting to it as quick as possible. Then I would like to see some more practical exercises that could help readers find and hold their flow.

The Psychology of motivation: doesn’t pull any punches it does explain that there are things that distract your flow and help you stay motivated towards your goals. And that its up to you to address these distractions through small goals.

I really like this, its so well done I think its one of those courses you will need to revisit regularly to remind yourself of your flow and how to call it on demand.

 The Psychology of motivation: my favourite chapter is: The 5 Pillars of Sustainable Motivation (chapter 5) it’s a real look at the motivations required to help you achieve your flow.

Finally, I think its important that we’re aware of the potential loss we can endure; when we lose motivation and put things off till tomorrow. We all know of people who procrastinate, and this procrastination is because the consequences (loss) of their procrastination are so low, that they really are not bothered enough to do something about it.  This laps attitude is why they will never change, we all need to pass a thought on what we will lose if we do nothing and put stuff off. 

So, I will be making a conscious effort to reduce procrastination because I am aware of the consequences of writing that customer’s email tomorrow and potentially loosing that customer forever. Not worth the loss for a few minutes.

The Psychology of motivation

Good, really informative and I think if used with an app on your phone to remind you to set and start working towards your goals this would work so much better. I think it’s a course to be revisited on a monthly basis to help you get a plan. And stick to it.