Video Chapters:

  1. Introduction                                                                                                            5

    Chapter 1 – Utilizing Facebook                                                                                  9

    Chapter 2 – How to Use Twitter for Business                                                             17

    Chapter 3 – How to Utilize Instagram to Promote Your Business                                  24

    Chapter 4 – How to Utilize YouTube for Your Business                                                31

    Chapter 5 – How Pinterest Can Get You More Targeted Website Traffic                        37

    Conclusion                                                                                                             43

Social Traffic

Duration 44 Pages

The Social Traffic Plan is a detailed guide of how to get better results on some of the more popular social media websites.

Although not a how to guide or hand holding step by step tutorial. Social Traffic Plan: is detailed enough with suggestions on how to approach each media on its own merits.

The Social Traffic Plan guide covers Facebook, twitter, Instagram, You Tube and Pinterest.

From the start I liked this guide and I use the techniques within it to grow my audience and encourage engagement, there are areas that the guide doesn’t cover which is disappointing; but it’s an effective guide none the less. One point I would have liked covered more is why Social media is a nurture platform and not a sell, sell, sell, platform.

What I mean is, nurture and start conversations with potential customers and let that lead to questions, dialogue and then pop in the occasional sales post.  

From the start the guide offers a very brief glimpse into social media as a whole and why its important for business, after all its where our customers are hanging out.  Perhaps, your potential customers are more likely to be on social media instead of attending networking events.

A nice tip in the guide is look at your competition that is getting it right and follow their lead just do it better. In our social media we see our competition and we can notice how they’re posting and their content, observe and do better.

Socila Media Checklist


The guide also notes if you’re a personal brand or a business trying to build a brand, so it touches on this with some tips. Very briefly.

There are tips within each chapter to help you focus your efforts on whats is a priority for your customers and prevent you coming off to pushy or salesy.

The guide doesn’t really touch on paid advertising for these social media platforms. I suppose that’s a book/video within itself. But it does concentrate on the organic and natural tactics and tips to nurture and grow your audience, brand, and ultimately sales.

This is one of if not the best tips guide for social media, it covers broadly the top 4 and delves a little deeper with tips to get the upper hand over your competition that are not using the platform correctly.

Really an enjoyable read and reference guide if used correctly could easily help you transform your social media activities.