Video Chapters:

  1. Domain name and hosting.
  2. Cpanel installation.
  3. First time Log in.
  4. Your WordPress profile.
  5. Setting menu.
  6. Settings reading media.
  7. Settings permalinks.
  8. Media Tab.
  9. Creating posts with WordPress.
  10. Creating pages.
  11. Themes.
  12. Plugins.
  13. Menus.
  14. Comments and interactions.
  15. Paid solutions.
WordPress Set-up Fast Track

Duration 60 Minutes

Word Press Fast Track Setup Review Score

WordPress Fast Track: From the start this is a good step by step guide that begins at stage 1, getting your website (WordPress) host and domain name.

Once installed this guide dives right in and begins by updating your WordPress engine and plugin updates. It would be useful to dive into some of the security plugins that would protect your website from potential damage by hackers and website back-ups or  general maintenance.

The guide itself is well presented and easy to understand even as a complete beginner. It doesn’t go too fast and is quite thorough although a little dated.  The guide does go into menu’s and screens with a thorough explanation of the features of each screen, so it gives a new user a good starting point.

Attention is paid to the media library that is good although I would have liked the presenter to have mentioned the ALT tags of images for SEO. When I started using WordPress, I didn’t use the ALT tags and after 6 months had to go back in to all my images and add the tags for SEO purposes so this could be avoided.

A newer version of this guide would be recommended as WordPress has recently included a block editor which appears to be very good although I don’t use it, I personally use the Elementor editor.

Pages and posts are discussed in detail and explained very well.

A very good WordPress tutorial, although a little dated the screens etc haven’t change much at all I do like this a great deal and I know anyone new to building a website with WordPress will find this course a great starting place.  And every chapter of this course is detailed enough for the student to gain a working knowledge of WordPress Basics.